Maserati Bellagio Fastback

The Bellagio Fastback


A prestigious new blend of luxury, space and performance


‘Elaborazione’ used to be a typical denomination of a segment of the Italian coachbuilding craft. It stands for the modifi cation of an existing shape or layout, to serve a different or extended purpose. Sometimes, it would also result in an interesting new automotive  product of individual taste. During the postwar period, it fl ourished as ‘variations on a theme’ for industrially produced car models.

The challenging task of the Touring design team can be compared with the elaboration of the fi nal part of a beautiful music piece.  An  harmonious recomposition of an  ‘Allegro con spirito’ for the inspiring and celebrated symphony called Maserati Quattroporte.

The external design was conducted by the excellent Alessandro Dambrosio, and his contribution to the final result is truly remarkable. Louis de Fabribeckers signed for the interior design and overall finish. Then the score was passed on to the engineers and to the workshop with a special, specific briefing for quality and detail.

The execution of the fi nal product includes a redesigned and newly engineered fuel tank;  for  both shape and horizontal position. The rear bodywork of the car  is strengthened for improved rigidity. The new rear seats are versatile and completely foldable.  The new luggage compartment, with the rear seats folded down, can accommodate objects up to a length of 1.85 meters. The new interior fi nish embraces fi ne leathers, bamboo, and sumptuous carpets.

Applications?  A brief brainstorm already resulted in ‘Hunting Estate’, ‘Golfing Fastback’, ‘Falcon Brake’ …….and much more. But most of all, the Belaggio Fastback remains a true concept car of Carrozzeria Touring; to stimulate new ideas and  to tintillate our imagination.

villa d'este bellagio (65)villa d'este bellagio (74)